Block Chain

FourthThree helps clients explore every aspect of blockchain and build tailored solutions designed to deliver value. Our deep business acumen and global multi-disciplinary model help organizations across several industries achieve their varying blockchain aspirations.

As a Blockchain Development Company, we aim to build high quality, scalable & cost-effective decentralized applications which ensure security for large scale enterprises as well as startups. We expertise in building solutions such as Smart Contracts, Crypto wallets, Mining software and ICO initialization makes us an industry renowned name in blockchain application development.

  • We provide custom blockchain development services and enterprise-class implementation solutions for blockchain platforms, protocols, and permissioned ledgers, including Ripple, Corda, Hyperledger, Lisk, Bitcoin, and the Ethereum Virtual
  • We develop distributed ledger technology, including custom cryptocurrencies, individual nodes, hash algorithms, and architectures for public and private blockchains.
  • We work to advance decentralized web technology using blockchain as a service (BaaS) tools from IBM, Microsoft Azure, Oracle and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Our embedded software experts program cryptocurrency mining computers designed to improve general ledger security. By integrating Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chips within mining hardware and programming double-round
    hash verification features.
  • We also design miner performance dashboards, create decentralized networks for mining pools, and provide compressive architecture solutions for mining farms.
  • We code smart contracts for registering loan requests and intellectual property, validating insurance eligibility, generating letters of credit for international transactions, creating Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO), and
    more. We also develop smart contract audit tools for ensuring data integrity and performance.
  • Our blockchain application services include blockchain wallet apps and exchange platforms for desktops, mobile devices and browser apps. Program features for trading multiple cryptocurrencies and blockchain tokens, auto-generating
    public and private keys, making online purchases, participating in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), and examining the hypermedia and data history of any block. All our blockchain apps include robust security and encryption measures,
    including multi-signature confirmation.
  • We provide enterprise-class blockchain solutions for banks, including cryptocurrency payment integrations.
  • All our software includes Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols.
  • We leverage APIs, libraries, SDKs, and other open documentation from blockchain technology providers to build modular apps and integrate cryptocurrency functionality to websites and apps. In addition to developing with popular crypto
    clients, we integrate APIs from popular blockchain exchanges and app developers (Coinbase, Neurowave, Tierion, Factom, ChromaWay, SICCAR).